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The project of an exclusive children’s hospital was conceived and presented at a get together in November 2007 at Hotel Mayfair. It was a novel idea for Rourkela and risks and benefits of this venture were highlighted.

Among them some interested philanthropic industrialists and a few doctors got together to start a children’s hospital. It was initially under a parternership firm-Sankalp medicare—which soon got transferred into a ‘not solely for profit’ company-RCCPvt.Ltd with a group of 23 shareholders. After hectic searching for premises we zeroed in on the unoccupied space of Meher hospital which we took on rent. It was here that on 18th May 2008 that Aastha Children’s Hospital was born. Though it had its problems we gained a strategic advantage of its location at an affordable cost. The location and good work done there has stood by us till date.

The hospital was growing rapidly and we were feeling the lack of space. So again after a desperate search we zeroed on to Nidhi Hotel Complex Building. It was in bad shape but we could not have got a better place for the rent negotiated upon. So we took up the challenge and all the profit accrued in 2yrs was reinvested in repairing and revamping the place. Since Pediatrics is incomplete without Obstetrics we decided to add the specialty of a O&G with the inspiration and support of Dr(Mrs) Patri and renamed the hospital as Aastha Mother and Child Care Hospital. It started operations on 1st April 2010.So this new avatar is only two and a half yrs old but has already made a name for itself in and around Rourkela. It is the only one of its kind in Western Odisha and the only one in the private sector to provide full fledged ventilation facilities and Pediatric Surgery.