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Rourkela is a small city in the western part of Odisha in Sundergarh district which is predominantly a tribal dominated area. It came into existence in 1959 when the steel plant was established. Apart from the steel plant employees there is a population of about 10 lacks in and around the township which are dependant on private medical health care apart from a Government hospital.

Origin/Conception of the Idea

It was a felt need of the Community and all the Pediatricians to provide 24hrs dedicated Pediatric care to the sick children in one reference hospital with the best of facilities and care. Since neonates and children are vastly different from adults in their problems and diseases it is only by having such a hospital that their needs can be met. Unfortunately neither in the Government or private sector was such a facility available as all the other hospitals in and around the city are multispecialty hospitals without even a separate pediatric ward. Compounded with this is the fact that Orissa is one of the poorest states and unfortunately also has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the country. The government health facilities are inadequate especially with regards to newborn care. Hence one can imagine the pressure and criticality of the cases that a pediatrician faces in his daily practice.

The Birth

To address the above issue a marriage of technical expertise(doctors) and business acumen (industrialists) was made by a group of 13 doctors, mostly Pediatricians, and 12 committed industrialists of Rourkela having similar views and feelings. Money was collected from members of the group to form a corpus fund which led to the opening of Aastha children’s Hospital on 18th May 2008 in the city of Rourkela.